This is a promotional Zoids Gojulas from the mid 1980's. This piece was found in Germany and was given as a "freebie" to toy dealers that carried the line. In great shape for it's age, it's a nice side item.

The following is a set of Zoids stickers that I purchased on eBay. The seller had this to say about the set:

"Here is a rare Zoids customize decal sheet that is designed for use with your Zoids. This sheet has extra decals to put on your Blade Liger or other special Zoids with many different logos. This decal sheet is not available with any Zoid. I honestly do not know exactly what the origins of this decal sheet are as I obtained this from Taiwan and I do not believe that it was issued by Tomy (the creator of Zoids). A past winner of one of these decal sheets has told me that it looks almost exactly the same as one that came as a promotion in a Coro Coro magazine."

Pictured below is a sticker that was packaged with specially marked Zoids High Speed battle DVD's. It's holographic and larger at approx. 6" x 3.5" and features Liger Zero.


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