A few years ago, I had the opportunity to purchase a very rare piece of Zoids history. This is an original 17" x 24" Battle of the Zoids Lithograph produced by TOMY back in 1983. The owner of this piece was a collector of toy lithographs, and had to liquidate his collection to allow for retirement. I was informed that this piece was a promotional item only given only to the actual employees of TOMY. This piece was amazingly well kept and never exposed to light nor framed. When it arrived I was highly surprised at both the quality and color, and thought it would make for an awesome display piece hanging in the Zoids room.

I took the lithograph to a local craft store to get it framed, and decided on a purple mat to accentuate the colors. Rarely does one see actual people associated with the Zoids in that time period. The lithograph features Giant Zerk, AquaZoid, and Garious all battling on planet Zi. With vibrant colors and vintage Zoids art I think the piece displays very well, and is a rare treat to enjoy every time anyone enters the room. 

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