In 1996 the Zoids 2 made their debut in the UK and Europe. The Zoids 2
are one of my personal favorite lines. Each and every Zoids 2 release
had chrome. Red, gold, silver, green and more chrome colors dominated
the unique line. Although we did not see any new model designs in the 
Zoids 2or "Z2" line the chrome accents were enough for many collectors to
re-acquire Zoid models they had previously purchased. The Zoids 2 had
a faint back story, but we did not see any distinct side. The phrase
"Monster Machines that stalk the Earth" appeared on each box and gave 
some insightas to the story that the machines (Zoids) were now invading planet 
Earth and wreaking havoc upon humanity. The Zoids 2 version of the liger 
dubbed "Claw" is still to his day one of my favorite versions of the liger.
The stickers that came with the Zoids 2 featured very unique and ornate
Celtic and Tribal patterns finished on gold foil. There have been 
rumors that a fire destroyed the production plant and in turn brought an end
to one of the greatest Zoids line ever produced.


        Aqua Zoid                               Saber                           Hell Runner                       


               Claw                             Red Horn                       Red Wing                            


            Slither                                  Crunch                           Demon Lizard


           Stego                                   Ultrasarus                          Iron Kong

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