Yuji Kaida has created approximately 100 box cover images for Gundam, but holds a special place in our hobby for the 14 limited edition Zoids he has given us. Back in 2003 Mr. Kaida was commissioned to re-envision 14 Zoids, his choices would become a limited line often referred to as the "Yuji", "Kaida", or "Yuji Kaida" line. It is unclear as to how or why he picked the units or if they were predetermined by statistics such as numbers. Being one of my favorite artists of all time, I am including the following statement Mr. Kaida has used to explain his works:

"Using the imagination is a special privilege allowed only to humans. People have imagined various nonexistent creatures from ancient times.
As existence surpasses human knowledge, or the deputy of the God who admonishes people; Dragons breathe fire and fly; the Qulin, an imaginary creature from China, lives for thousand years and runs across the earth, Ghosts on Ships scoop up seawater with ladles and sink fishing boats. In modern times, with the emergence of metropolises made from iron and glass, imaginary creatures obtained the new name Monster and their families increased at an explosive rate. No matter how much of a Monster freak, or rather, a Monster Expert, a person prides oneself to be, there probably isnt a person who is able to remember all of the Monsters that have appeared on TV and in the movies. Why do we imagine so many Monsters and make models of them? Thats right. Monsters are not simply troublesome creatures, big and oddly shaped that destroy buildings. Creation of new fantasy comes from the impact felt from seeing monsters born from the imagination. Why is it so huge? Where did it come from and where will it go? What would it be like if it walked around the city? Its perfect for the eerie atmosphere of the petrochemical complexes at night. How scary would it be if it materialized from behind a tall building? And so on.
These daydreams dont have any actual purpose. However, if these imaginings are considered to be the privilege of humans, then perhaps it is these pointless fantasies that make us human. I, myself, have created many pieces of art as a Monster Illustrator. But my art cannot fill bellies or protect from the cold. They are pointless products of my imagination. However, all of them are commercial art ordered by my clients, as plastic models, packaging for videos, and posters to decorate the wall. So they are useful to people and they support my life! Imagination is not worthless! Please meet my rare and unusual but useful imaginings.
If you are able to find fun in using your imagination, I will be very happy."
-Yuji Kaida

The 14 Zoids composing the line range from Gojulas to Molga. With brand new color schemes and, in some cases, molding changes  each release has it's own unique battle story which explains the re-imagined features. Some battle stories actually revert to a specific unit's origins, while others elaborate on the Zoids capture and re-issue on the opposing side. Quickly becoming extinct, the larger "heavy hitters" of the line often feature chrome or re-molding, and are some of the most exotic Zoids ever released. Each box features the artwork of Mr. Kaida which is so beautifully detailed and realistic that it is totally frame-able, and is often considered a bonus by many collectors. Yuji Kaida Zoids could only have been purchased in specialty shops (in Japan) for a limited time. 

Below, in order of numerical release, is the Yuji Kaida line up. If it's not linked, then I don't have it yet. 

      01 Gojulas Mariner                     02 Molga Rokurou Special          03 Iron Kong Yeti

        04 Green Horn                      05 Blade Liger Mirage            06 Buster Tortoise

            07 Sturm Tyrann                      08 Raven Raptor           09 Cannoneer Gordos

                 10 Fire Fox                  11 Salamander Bombvern                    12 Saint Gale

                13 Death Stinger ZS                    14 Shadow Arm Lizards


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