Of all the Video Game exclusive Zoids, the NJR style Konig Wolf was a chromed piece released with the Play Station "Zoids 2" title. Rarely seen and barely confirmed to exists, this is the Holy Grail of Video Game Zoids. The Shield Liger Commander is also of Video Game origin and is one of the most expensive Liger to have ever been presented for sale. A large contributing factor in making these releases even more hard to locate is an unscrupulous tactic used by many Video Game dealers (especially in Japan) in which the dealers do not distribute the promotion with the game, but rather hold on to it and offer it for sale at a later date. Below are some of the Video Game exclusive Zoids residing in my collection.


       Ptero Rayse                  Naomi's Gun Sniper            Shield Liger Commander SP


       Infinity Leo           Blue Unicorn Platoon Snipe Master         Victory Liger



      Shield Liger Blox                        Desert Liger                         Blade Hawk     



                                                        Sauro Knights      

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