TDP made it possible for beginning Zoid collectors the chance to obtain some of the best Zoids ever released. All of TDP's releases are limited pieces, yet some of the TDP Zoids are seen on a more frequent basis than others.  In 2002 TDP released the 1:24 scale Deathpion, and the most sought after and treasured TDP release of all time: the Bloody Deathsaurer. A year later in 2003 TDP gave us only one release the Proto Gojulas Giga. In 2004 TDP would follow the previous model releasing the 1:24 scale Neptune followed by the Dark Horn and finally the 1:24 scale Battle Rover. 

2005 aka: The year of the MK II's would bring a massive 5 releases including the Stormsworder Jet. Iron Kong MKII, Shield Liger MKII, Great Sabre, and my own personal favorite Dead Border. In 2006 TDP took a different approach by releasing a classic or "memorial" box sets.  Titled the "Helic Memorial Box" the 1983 Set of 5 Zoids were re-released. The memorial box contained the following old school Zoids: RMZ-01 Garius, RMZ-02 Glidoler, RMZ-03 Elephantus, RMZ-04 Gurantula, RMZ-05 Aquadon. Prices of TDP exclusive Zoids vary greatly, and (as mentioned above) production numbers have remain a mystery. The Bloody Deathsaurer is one of the most expensive Zoids to have ever been released often fetching prices above $350.00 US and over $500.00 US. Below are the TDP Zoids (sorted by release date) currently here at Zoid.US click on the link for information, history, and pictures.



                                               TDP Deathpion  (wanted)                       Bloody Death Saurer


 TDP Proto Gojulas Giga



                                                                                Neptune (wanted)                       Dark Horn (wanted) 

Battle Rover (wanted)



                                                                        Storm Sworder Jet                                Iron Kong MK-II (wanted)


                                                                         Shield Liger MK-II                                  Great Saber (wanted)

Dead Border


Helic Memorial Box 1983 (wanted)


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