In 1995 the Kenner Toy company acquired the right to produce a line of
Zoids for release in the US. The Techno Zoids had no distinct factions,
nor back story. Techno Zoids were released in a bright yellow and red
box, with a new graphic that denoted the kits as being "Electronic".
The Techno Zoids did, however see a new model that was not produced
since the OJR line. The Techno Zoids Evil Pegasus is one of only two
ever produced mythical horse Zoids. (The other hailing from the OJR 
line, being a totally different color scheme, and named Orudios) The
Evil Pegasus is the true gem of the Techno Zoids line, and is
highly sought after by collectors. The rest of the Techno Zoids
line consisted of older Zoids that were re colored and re named.
The lack of back story, and lack of anything but Evil Pegasus
being revolutionary, could have contributed to consumer
confusion and the demise of the Techno Zoids line in 1996.


       Evil Pegasus                               Iron Kong


               Battlesaurus                            Demon Lizard


     Evil Scorpion                Strike Zilla


      Armored Gator                        Storm Tiger

                   Zoid Zilla

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