The Rebirth Century Zoids are designated with either a "HRZ" or "GRZ" prefix followed by the normal numerical suffix. 15 models make up the core of the RCZ line, it also hosts two limited edition re-colors (Valga and Godos), and one Dark Zoid (Merda). The majority of the RCZ's are re-releases of classic OJR Grade Up's, but the line also includes a few exclusive designs. Accounting for the re-release of vintage Zoid designs, the RCZ line is set in a previously untold time period on Planet Zi. Filling the void between the end of the OJR and the beginning of the NJR, the RCZ line focuses on the efforts of Planet Zi's inhabitants to restore and re-build after the infamous meteor strike. The 10th anniversary sub-line has honored both the Shield Liger and the Schubaltz Custom Iron Kong with a true to the Chaotic Century anime color scheme  

GRZ-09 Valga


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