What is the Zoid.US rarity guide? How do I arrive at the values? This page will attempt to explain some of that, and give further detail to each of the numbers assigned. 

First of all, this guide reflects the availability of Zoids from all sources: thrift stores, flea markets, retailers, and online auctions. In some cases, the Zoid may be extremely difficult to find "in the wild", but they may be readily available online.  They may be more expensive than other Zoids of a similar rarity, but not necessarily more rare.

Another thing to consider is that rarity does not explicitly dictate value. Popularity/notoriety of a Zoid has much to do with it. I arrived at the ascribed values after much consideration and input from a great number of collectors. While we have been collecting for many years ourselves, I could not have put this together without input from others in the hobby as well as auction monitoring. I realize there is always room for improvement, and if you feel that a particular rarity is inaccurate, I encourage you to email me. 

Here are some further details about the Rarity Guide values:





The most common of all Zoids. These are the Zoids that you almost always find if you are looking.



Uncommon Zoids are those that you don't find everyday, but you will find them often enough. Although, initially,  you may have trouble tracking down every Uncommon Zoid you can eventually get them all.


Getting harder to find, it may be difficult to track down all the Scarce Zoids if you are not hunting daily. 


You don't see these everyday, unless you're really lucky (or have great fate). We're just getting into rare territory, and you will probably have to do some trading to get a hold of these Zoids. Dedicated Zoid hunters can find these in the wild with perseverance, but it will take considerable effort.


These Zoids are almost impossible to find in the wild. Even collectors who have been at it for years may never run across one of these, and they often make up the showcase of as collection. These rarely show up even on Ebay, and if they do there will most likely be a bidding war.

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