Containing a total of 49 Zoids, the OER is strictly made up of variations of the OJR Zoids. Names and factions along with colors were changed, and the comic book back story set the stage for two dueling Zoids armies. The OER does include the first five or OAR Zoids which were quickly joined by later post OAR releases such as Giant Zrk and the Power Zoids. The Power Zoids would be re-colored for their OER release and separated (Tank would join the Blue Zoids and Serpent would become a Red Mutant). The OER recognized Red Horn as the leader of the Red Mutants and The Mighty Zoidzilla as the leader of the opposing Blue Zoids. It was not until later that Krark The Prince of Darkness would be introduced into the storyline.

With Krarks introduction into the line came a sub-set of OER Zoids, originally known as the "Renegade Zoids", we would come to know them as the Super 1000's. Powered neither by a small wind up motor, nor by AA batteries, the Super 1000's operated off of a large wind up motor. The Super 1000's retained their original OJR color schemes. Many say the lack of re-coloring these new additions to fit into the already established OER color scheme was due to the declination of the OER line. The Super 1000 Zoids failed to breath new life into the OER, and could not stop it's impending cancellation. 

It's of importance to note that the OER offered a pretty decent amount of promotions. As with any line these promotions are never well documented and lead to mysterious and highly sought after pieces years later. It is said that some of these mail away promotional pieces had slight color changes as well as clam shell head changes. Some also say that spring removal was also prevalent amongst these special pieces, yet spring removal became prominent after an early 1980's accident and only effected certain countries. I personally do not know if Europe instated that same laws as the US did prompting spring removal, if Europe did then these can not be counted as variations in my book. 

Mammoth the Destroyer did receive special treatment in France. Both regular and special edition could be found on shelves in France. Identical to the OJR Mammoth save for having silver pilots and an OER sticker sheet. There are said to be enough molding differences to substantiate it's release, and remove it from the "imported old Japanese stock" category. It has been suggested that this release of Mammoth represented the early Blue Zoid Mammoth before he switched to the Red Mutant side, as this defection was actually mentioned in the back story.

The next two Zoids were not promotional in nature, but remain mysterious as hell and could be considered potentially legendary. The first is the Deathsaurus who appeared on a television commercial in Blue Zoid colors. Actual evidence of the Blue Deathsaurus has never been found. The second Zoid is legendary and any Zoids collector has probably heard of it's legacy. The Red Ultrasaurus or Ultrasarus Red was to be the Blue Deathsaurus's main adversary. This version of Ultrasaurus was to be completely finished in classic Red Mutant red. Appearing in toy catalogs, it is also claimed to have been seen by a large amount of people in actual toy stores as part of Zoid displays. Many years later in 2003 pieces of Ultrasaurus Red came up for auction at Ebay, it was at this time that many collectors took the infamous Ultrasaurus Red out of the "untouchable" category and started to believe that a few pieces might actually be in existence. 

My personal collection has never focused too much on the OER, yet there are certain pieces that must be obtained to complete sets due to the color variations.

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