In 1999 TOMY re-launched the Zoids line in Japan. Commonly referred to 
as the "NJR" or New Japanese release, the line was again divided into two 
opposing sides and this time had anime that provided the back story. Several new
models were designed and released. The line was successful and in 2001
the large US based toy company, Hasbro, imported the line to the US.
This release is referred to as the "NAR" or New American release.
The Hasbro line also had an animated series that provided the back story
for the Zoids models. At first the Hasbro line consisted solely of 
re-released and repackaged. NJR Zoids. The box art of both the NJR and NAR were similar in the fact
that they both featured a picture of the actual Zoid model, along with
various stats of the particular Zoid. Eventually Hasbro began to create
their own unique Zoids including, but not limited to, the three Gravity
Zoids, Black Rhimos, and Red Blade Liger. It has been noted that Hasbro
planned to release several more Zoids that never saw mass production, 
these include the Battle Rex and Cannon Ceasar. The Battle Rex being a 
re-colored Deadboarder, and the Cannon Ceasar being a re-colored God Kaiser gives
the idea that Hasbro may have had plans to release more Zoids that were
re-colored and original to the OJR zoids line.
The line was successful and the majority of the Zoids that you may 
still find at discount stores are from the NAR release. The NAR and NJR 
releases are by far the most common releases, and are usually the basis of 
beginning to collect Zoids. In 2004 Hasbro Cancelled the Zoids line here in the 

Below you will find both RZ and EZ NJR Zoids.


      Gojulas RZ-001           Guysack RZ-002           Barigator RZ-003      


        Shield Liger RZ-007                  Gorodos RZ-008  


  Command Wolf RZ-009         Pteras RZ-010 


 Cannon Tortise RZ-013    Godos RZ-014        Venomous Viper RZ-020


    Blade Liger RZ-028         Storm Sworder RZ-029


 Gun Sniper RZ-030       Dibison RZ-031      Hammer Head RZ-033    


         Ultrasaurus RZ-037                                 Hasbro Ultrasarus 


        Raynos  RZ-039                            Liger Zero RZ-041         


       Liger Zero Panzer      Liger Zero Schneider      Liger Zero Jager    


Command Wolf AC RZ-42   Spinosnapper RZ-043     


 Pteramander RZ-045    Shadow Fox RZ-046           Gunblaster RZ-052


   Konig Wolf RZ-053                     Mad Thunder RZ-055 


 Snipe Master RZ-057            Chameleor RZ-058       Saber Lion RZ-064 (soon)


     Gojulas Giga RZ-064             Gorhecks RZ-066           Aerosaur RZ-067


       Gariyuki RZ-070     Liger Zero Phoenix RZ-071 Rayse Tiger RZ-075 


     Battle Cougar RZ-111    Bearfighter RZ-511


          Gustav Zi-025             Command Wolf Irvine


Black Rhimos EZ-000                  Dark Horn EZ-004                              Red Horn EZ-004               


      Redler EZ-005              Molga EZ-006          Hel Digunner EZ-011         Brachios EZ-012 


NAR Iron Kong EZ-015    NJR Iron Kong EZ-015    Zaber Fang EZ-016  


        Iguan EZ-017           Saicurtis EZ-018      


 Double Sworder EZ-019    Venomous Viper EZ-020          Death Saurer EZ-021


Gatordus EZ-022                 Atak Kat EZ-023            Rev Raptor EZ-027  


     Sinker EZ-032            Geno Saurer  EZ-026 



  Geno Breaker EZ-034           NAR Lighting Saix EZ-035        


  Death Stinger EZ-036           Elephanter EZ-038             War Shark EZ-040          


      Zabat EZ-044              Maccurtis EZ-047         Demantis EZ-048     


  Berserk Fury EZ-049         Diloforce EZ-050        Grounchar EZ-051


Liger Zero X EZ-054   Hammer Rock EZ-056    Storch EZ-058      Glaive Quama EZ-059 


  Dark Spiner EZ-60           Killer Dome EZ-061          Gun Tiger EZ-063 


    Dimetrodon EZ-065                   Brastle Tiger EZ-067


Seismosaurus EZ-069    Energy Liger EZ-072     Death Raser EZ-074


 Gravity Saurer EZ-105        Gravity Saix EZ-106        Gravity Wolf EZ-107


  Gravity Ptera EZ-108        Metal Rhimos EZ-157


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