Sometimes I decide to take a random photo, where can you see it? Find ZOID.US on social media! ALL of the OFFICIAL Zoid.US Social Media links in one place, click below!

The folowing are some of the internet's best Zoid resources, enjoy! I have updated and removed the non functioning links (2-08-24).

Zoids Athenaeum, produced by Falcarius, has withstood the test of time. The FIRST site that I knew of that offered
original translations from a plethora of different media.

With over 40K on Tik Tok, Zoid.US is very proud of Phobos. Successfully ensuring the North American representation of the Zoids line, Phobos maintains an impressive presence on social media including but not limited to conducting live streams. You must add him, and you just may find me hanging out!

Hi Docker's site, with truly amazing graphic art, stop by and tell him WIKD sent ya!

Zoid.US was recently featured in the Collectors spotlight over at Crazy Collectors in Germany. A great site mainly dedicated to Master of the Universe collections, I am very proud to have been asked to be displayed! Listed under "Wikd" there are current pictures of the collection exclusively on site, enjoy!

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