Holotech releases were first seen in Japan in the form of exclusive prizes awarded for winning a "Lucky Draw" or Z-Point contest. The first set of Holotech Zoids released took the form of Molga, Red Horn, and Death Saurer. Initially this "God Father" trio of crystal Zoids were severely limited and available only in Japan. Production was said to be limited to 100 pieces of each Zoid. Shortly after the initial Japanese release sets began to show up in Singapore as promotional Z-Point items. After the Singapore releases, a crystal Molga was part of a packaged special in Australia. The Australian crystal Molga did not differ from the Z-Point release in terms of mold changes, only the packaging was changed as seen in the picture below.


Although far less rare than they were intended to be this early God Father set is prized amongst Zoid collectors world wide. The next time we see the Holotech label used was in the 2003 Toy Fair presentation sheet that read:

"These snap-together kits with multi-colored parts add a new dimension to model kit play. The challenge and fun builds in 2003 with eight different ZOIDS model kit assortments, from the popular wind-up motor basics to figures with the new HOLO-TECH camouflage that allows the model builder to see the inner mechanics of his ZOIDS, to the huge-scale electronic hero GOJULAS GIGA."

The same sheet also mentioned several specific Holotech Zoids releases including: Double Sworder, Raynos, Gun Blaster, Shield Liger , Spinnosnapper, Saber Fang, and finally Liger Zero. Of these seven units only three actually saw an actual release. The Holotechs that were released could be found in limited numbers, and some units (especially the Spinosnapper) are extremely rare pieces. All of the NJR era Holotech Zoids seem to have been released or "dumped" mainly in both Canada and Australia. 

A few Blox Zoids also received the Holotech treatment. As with the former releases they vary greatly in rarity and their exact origins are semi mysterious. For example, the Holotech Buster Eagle that came from the Philippines and was one of five units shipped to distributors and was intended to be both a display unit and a competition prize. 


     Shield Liger                         Raynos                 Spinosnapper  


       Buster Eagle                   Molga                                     Gojulas


   Murasame Liger                              Hayate Liger                               Mugen Liger


     Leo Striker                            Red Horn                         Lord Gale


              Zaber Fang                                Death Saurer (wanted)    

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