Released alongside the Grade Up units were a total of 5 Grade Up or "GU"  weapon kits. Each kit was priced around 300 yen or about $2.50 back in 1989. Most GU weapon kits came in a small box, and were designed to universally work with the Grade Up Zoids. There were some problems due to design flaws that made specific units inoperable on some Grade Up Zoids (namely Oridios). Of all the Grade Up weapons kits, only two were re-released stateside. The GU-01 or Hyper Beam Cannon was re-released with the Techno Zoid's Storm Tiger. Re-colored in black and gray this unit was also intended to be re-released on the Hasbro Battle Cougar (as shown in early stock images), but never made it in the final release. The GU-05 or Gyrocrafter was also re-released with the RCZ Gul Tiger, it was not re-colored.

Below are each of the Grade Up weapon's notes, specs, and compatibility.

GU-01 Hyper Beam Gun

Notes: One of the most commonly used systems, the GU-01 was designed by the old Republic specifically for Hound Soldier. The GU 01 consisted of  dual set of heavy beam cannons and generators along with a long range sensor unit. Originally molded in bronze, the GU-01 consists of a single frame of parts, and one axle that hosts a total of three pre-mounted gears. (*TZ version pictured below)

Specs: Weight: 13 tons
                 Length: 7.6 meters
                 Height: 2.5 meters
                Width: 5.1 meters
                Attack Power: 11
                Defense Power: 7

Compatibility: All Grade Up except Orudios.


GU-02 Pulse Cannon

Notes: Developed by the Guylos Empire, the GU-02 or Pulse Cannon is a high speed pulse laser able to crank out over 1,000 blasts per minute. This weapon had two settings available. Depending upon the battle situation the GU-02 was able to either be used as a steady beam or it could be sprayed like a shot gun. The steady beam setting is useful for penetrating super thick armor. Originally developed for the Zeekdober, a re-colored GU-02 would also become a standard release on Gungyarados. The GU-02 consisted of a single frame of parts as well as one axle with gears.


Specs: Weight: 11 tons
                 Length: 7.5 meters
                Height: 6.2 meters
                Width: 2.5 meters
                Attack Power: 10
                Defense Power: 5

Compatibility: The GU-02 is able to be mounted on any Grade Up Zoid.

GU-03 Eye Flasher

Notes: The GU-03 was developed by the Republic, and takes a different approach to powering up Zoids. Instead of enhancing or giving the Zoid more fire power, the GU-03 gave the unit increased speed, enhanced stamina, and added a powerful search radar. The GU-03 came assembled and consisted of a battery pack (using a single "AA" battery) which was wired to the light unit. Instead of connecting to an actual Grade Up port, the GU-03 was either:

1. Attached to the under belly on Zeek Dober, Hound Soldier, King Liger, King Baron, and Ice Blazer.

2. Mounted on the top of the Grade Up port on God Kaiser and Battle Cougar

3. Mounted on the back with the light unit affixed in the barrel of the CPC on Gul Tiger

The GU-03 was found to be so effective that the design would eventually be stolen by the Guylos Empire and used without any changes.

Specs: Weight: 6.5 tons
                 Length: 5.4 meters
                Height: 2.0 meters
                Width: 1.7 meters
              Attack Power: 9
                 Defense Power: 9

Compatibility: The GU-03 cannot be used with Orudios, Gil Vader, Gungyarados, or King Gojulas.

GU-04 Winglider

Notes: The GU-04 or Winglider was another Republic design focusing on mobility instead of fire power. The addition of a GU-04 allowed the Zoid in possession flight capabilities. Tremendously enhancing formerly ground only Zoids, the GU-04 also mounted 4 small beam cannons. The GU-04 consists of 12 pieces, and was originally designed specifically for the King Liger.

Specs:  Weight: 9 tons
                 Length: 5 meters
                    Height: 3.5 meters
                     Width: 13.1 meters
                    Attack Power: 14
                    Defense Power: 8


Compatibility: The GU-4 can be mounted on all Grade Up Zoids save for Orudios.

GU-05 Gyrocrafter

Notes: The final Grade Up unit, GU-05, was specifically developed for the Gul Tiger. Like the GU-04, the GU-05 also granted the Zoid flight capabilities. Instead of direct flight, the GU-05 was more helicopter in nature allowing the Zoid vertical take off and landing, and giving the Zoid the ability to hover. The unit also doubled as an intake for the Gul Tiger's CPC further increasing it's firepower. The GU-05 consisted of a single sprue of parts along with an axle with pre-mounted gears. The kit was molded in grey, and would become the second Grade Up weapon to be re-released with the RCZ-Gul Tiger.

Specs: Weight: 10 tons
                  Length: 2.9 meters
                 Height: 2.1 meters
                Width: 10 meters
               Attack Power: 8
                   Defense Power: 10

Compatibility: The GU-05 can be used on all Grade Up Zoids save for Orudios.


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