With a shipment I received I was amazed and a bit confused to find a few odd ball pieces.

This came with some prototype material I purchased, a total of 6 pieces, 4 of which form the

foot of Gojulas. These pieces originated from the Zoids 2 Era, and are original prototype pieces.

Both lower pieces are present along with the inner (L 18) connecting piece are present. As with the other prototypes I have come across the piece

are no neatly trimmed and still retain a god portion of the sprue.

There are two things of note on the larger portion of the foot (20 L)

the first of which is the numbers written on the inside: 317. There is a prominent line under the

number 3.

The second ting that caught my eye were the bubbles recently seen in the Spine Fin.

The inner piece fits perfectly, and outer foot piece  (17 L) offers no more

insight than it's unique color.

The back of the actual foot  (19 L) has the number 8 written on the backside.

Both claw hand pieces are present, and I do not note anything different about them.

Call it pieces of a Ghost Zoid, or perhaps just an un-chromed

Escapee? Whichever it is I do wish I had the whole piece.

I do not recall any "Ghost Gojulas" ever being discovered. The plastic is far from a traditional "TOMY"

white, and has more of a tint to it. An interesting piece to ponder. Thanks for viewing.

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