In early 2005, TOMY released the Zoids Genesis line. The Genesis line 
consisted of newer more "sleek" models. The Zoids were motorized
and standard size. Many of the greats made a return. The Genesis line
introduced a new type of Zoids known as the "Bio Zoids." The Bio Zoids
were reptilian-like creatures that possessed a layer of "Bio Armor."
The Bio Zoids did not have the classic mechanical feel or look, and 
this was (in my opinion) the first mistake.
The Genesis line had a second, more fatal flaw: the models were 
pre-built. Pre-built meaning that the Genesis Zoids came with a "skeleton"
that contained all or most of the moving parts. One would simply attach
the armor to complete the "build." To me this took the fun out of the 
line, and disappointed a large amount of fans. It is, however, worth noting that this release
contained a re-release of the infamous Gil Vader - renamed to Gil 
Dragon and re-colored with a lighter appearance. The Genesis line met it's 
demise later the same year it was released. We did, however get some greats like the Rainbow Jerk.


   Molga Canory GZ-001       Cannon Fort GZ-002      


   Hound Soldier GZ-004        Sword Wolf GZ-007         


    Soul Tiger GZ-008              Murasame Liger GZ-010       Rainbow Jerk GZ-011


    Lanstag GZ-012                     Bamburian GZ-013               Deadly Kong GZ-014


  Hayate Liger GZ-015    Mugen Liger GZ-016             Gil Dragon GZ-018

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