I am currently updating my displays 2-18-24

As my Zoids collection grew, I felt the need to start protecting the investment a little better. As a result I had some display cases fabricated. These came from the store "Man I Can" fixtures in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The team there did an awesome job building these beauties. The collection now stays 100% dust and dirt free, and they look awesome in the house. I had some family in town and decided to customize the cases even further by adding not one but two types of lighting that could be used to display the collection.

 I purchased both Black Lighting and also two packages of Amertac Xenon Direct It Display Lighting. Each kit has 5 directioanl 20 watt Xenon lights. 

First step was clearing the Zoids from the cabinets. The garage was taken over, and the Kitchen became a mini Planet Zi.

The lighting went in ok, with the largest problem being  the thick insulation on the wires. The results looked something like this:

The Xenon light are awesome. It provides a LARGE amount of white, natural looking light, and runs very cool. I have also read that Xenon lighting will NOT fade the color of a collection and is the first choice when and if one chooses to light displays. The black lights were placed in front of the 5 staggered Xenon lights and looked something like this:

In person when you are looking at the displays under nothing but the black light during the darkness the Zoids really come to life. Here are a few photo's I took under the light.


I found another display case by searching through the local classified ads. This case was formerly in a pawn shop and used to hold electronics. The measurements on it were just perfect, as it was able to fit in between my two large cases. I made an appointment to check it out and was highly disappointed in what I saw.  It was old, broke, and in a deplorable condition. The owners wanted $250.00 for the case, and I had to travel about 30 miles out of town to give it a look.

Pissed off that my time was wasted I offered $85.00 and they took it. I thought it may be saved with a lot of hard work. I loaded the case and brought it home. I made a home depot run in which I spent another $65.00 in supplies, and the work begun. I worked on the case for a solid three days out in the garage and thankfully resurrected it! I sanded for hours, scrapped paint off the glass, redid the brackets, ect.

I had to have shelves cut at my local glass store, as it originally only came with one. Probably one of the deciding factors in purchasing the piece of shit case was that it had a glass top which I thought would be wicked for viewing pieces from the top. The case turned out nice, and now houses my beloved Grade Up's.

Top views:

More space, should last a few months now.

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