Bootlegs and Reproduction Zoids

This is a very interesting "Zoid". Produced in 1990 by VENY Plastic Co. LTD. It comes complete with cockpit lid that lifts up to reveal old school gold chrome pilot figure. This interesting guy measures approx. 3" x 4" and looks awesome. He is attached to a float and rise up and down via stored air and a float. I put one in one of my fish tanks that I keep in the Zoid room and it looks absolutely wicked. These are harder to come by, if you get the chance pick one up!

He fits in well with the winged shelf!

See dual chrome missiles above. Next some action shots:

The back of the box:

A very interesting addition to any collection, as stated they are a rare find as companies that produce these item usually do not do 3 or 4 runs.

Bootleg Death Saurer

I discovered this beast at a Thrift Store, an interesting bootleg that I have never seen before. It stands 12" and is full of US Military stickers. It is marked: 2003 Toy Century Ind. Co. Made in China.

I picked this up listed as a "limited edition Chinese zoid" the "Korando Wolf" is a bootleg Zoids Command Wolf. Produced by a company named "FIRST" there are several discrepancies. The pieces are far smaller than that of a standard Zoid, it also lacks the rubber caps. In place of the standard caps are solid plastic caps. It did not come with a formal instruction sheet, the instructions are located on the top of the inside of the box. Also pictured on the box is a full set of 4 imposter Zoids including a Stego (Kit #1), a Redhorn (Kit #2), a redler (Kit #3), and this one a "Korando Wolf" (Kit #5)

I picked these up at a local discount store. These were the only three I could find, yet there was also a Gojulas in this set. These are the "Robotic Beasts". These units have a wired remote control with two buttons. When depressed the unit's cockpit lights up red, it walks forward, and has a mechanical roar. The other button puts the unit in reverse. These "Thunder Spin" Robotic Beasts were produced in 2006 by K and B International Limited, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

This is an interesting piece I picked up a few months ago. I just got around to opening this guy up to check him out. This is the TOMY Produced Battle Skipper BS-06. It is, oddly enough, a model that when put together resembles somewhat of a gladiator type robot. The box shows another in the series but gives no indication that there are more than two. It does have a wired remote that takes 2 AA batteries. The kit also contains some stickers that are solid rather than clear around the edges (like Zoids) and seem to be a little thicker. From the manual I get the impression that these are intended to be build and fought. The manual also has a very interesting hand drawn comic. There is no date that I can find, but the seller I purchased this from said that it was old stock from an oriental import store.  I will update when I build this guy.

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