The following is an Interview with Mr. Phillip Lim of Singapore, also known as APM his collection never fails to amaze.

Zoid.US: Greetings and welcome to this year�s Zoids Chronicles. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

APM : Hi, I'm Philip Lim from Singapore. I'm working in a manufacturing company. My job involves me traveling overseas hence at times I get to purchase some toys and stuff off retail after some comparison on prices. My first toy collection is into Transformers - mainly Optimus Prime and all its variations. Hence the nick of All_Prime_Man (APM) on most forums. I gave up on Transformers 3 years ago and then came Zoids.

  Zoid.US: Can you tell us a little about your current collection? (What lines does it encompass? Is it mainly current or vintage?)

APM : I have a dream to own all Zoids ever produced (official) thus my collection covers

zoids from all eras. OJR >>> Current


Zoid.US: Are Zoids available where you currently live?

APM : Yes, in certain retail outlets. I get most of the newer ones via specialty shops

Zoid.US: How has your collection grown or changed over the last year? Does it have the same focus?

APM : One dream, one focus � All Zoids come under one roof

  Zoid.US: Do you participate in any Zoids online RPG�s, if so could you tell us a little bit about them and the role you play?


Zoid.US: Let talk re-releases, as we all know TOMY has released some of the classics including but not limited to King G, Gil Vader, Lidier, etc. How do you feel about this choice?

APM : This is inevitable and have pros and cons to it�

            PROS  -           new collectors get to own it at affordable price

                        -           rekindle interest in dormant collectors

-                     replacement parts for vintage piece/s

-                     generate awareness of this toy line to keep it in business and more will come in time

CONS -           value of vintage piece dropped

-                     quality is compromised

-                     feeling of owning a piece of history is lost overnight

Zoid.US: Do you plan on purchasing any re-releases to add to your collection? If you did get any re-releases how do they compare the OJR version (of the same piece) you own?

APM : Yup, every piece released I will get irregardless whether I own the vintage piece.

Vintage piece still stands out in terms of plastic quality, paint work, box design�etc.

Zoid.US: Have you acquired any of your �Holy Grails� this past year, and what are your new one(s)?

APM : Yes, completed my quest for the eight Grade Up zoids. Last few to come in

namely God Kaiser, Ice Blazer and King Baron.


Zoid.US: Do you collect Prototypes?

APM : Not really keen on it, no perceived value from the general collectors.

Zoid.US:  If so, how do you feel about the bad relationship between Chinese factories and both Japanese and American toy companies? I.E. Prototypes and Test Shots being sold on auction?

APM : It is a growing problem and threat that these factories are revealing new designs /

technology before official launch. This applies to both toys and all other things which involves manufacturing. Sooner or later it will push affected companies

to shift their location of manufacturing hence incurring higher cost and all these increases we as collectors suffer.

Zoid.US:  Any new Zoids custom projects this year? If so, tell us about �em!


Zoid.US:  After a year of building and acquiring, has your favorite Zoid changed?

APM : Favorite zoid is still King Gojulas for its magnificence in size, stature and more

importantly mechanism of movement.


Zoid.US:  Where and how are your Zoids currently displayed?

APM : I have allocated half a room size in my small unit for my collection. All are

packed nicely in same size carton boxes (double-layered) to keep them from damages and minimize the space I need if otherwise.

Zoid.US: How much would you estimate you spent on Zoids this year?

APM : I estimate in the region of SGD 5K (Y2008)

Zoid.US:  With the major strain on the economy, has your buying pattern been affected?

APM : Unless really scarce and hard to come by, I have stopped myself from buying

from overseas. Local shops bring in new releases at lower prices and that has helped in keeping up to date with the 


Zoid.US:  We all spend lots of time on our hobby, how do your friends and family

feel about your collection?

APM : As I don�t build as often, time spent is normally on online sourcing, packing and

re-packing to minimize storage space and updating of the zoids I own. This is

viewed as how organized I can be and resulted in support in my hobby collecting from friends and my family.

Zoid.US:  Where do you see your collection 10 years from now?

APM : Completing almost the full range of zoids released (All Unbuilt)

Zoid.US:  What challenges or obstacles have you faced in collecting Zoids?

APM : Limited quantities of unbuilt zoids left for sale in market which I need plus the

ones I getting are fully from overseas (exchange rate and transportation got to be considered)

Zoid.US:  What advice do you have for aspiring Zoid collectors?

APM : Make more friends, join more forums. Information is the key to growing one�s

collection and interest yet not spending unnecessary.

Zoid.US:  Thanks for your time bro, your collection will always be part of my inspiration. I appreciate you taking the time this year and wish you nothing but the best!

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